Vote Everyday

This morning while eating breakfast I looked at facebook and it really sunk in, how can I help?  What will make a impact?  When the man sticks it to you, what do you do??  Sadly I wont be able to join my sisters in DC tomorrow for the march but I wanted to help.  Then I thought, what would a American do?  And it came to me, throw money at it.  

So today EBJ donated $100 to each of these organizations that we feel so passionately about. This money wont change the world on its own, but we wanted it to be a statement to these amazing non-profits that we are thinking about you.  

We can vote everyday. 

Art 180

The Michigan Urban Farming Initiative

City Schoolyard GardenPlanned Parenthood

Native American Rights Fund


January 20, 2017 by Elaine Butcher
Tags: vote
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