Rise Collection

We believe spaces should be inspiring, communities should be supportive, and Black Lives Matter. Over the past couple of years, we have been working on a way to support our community on a consistent basis. It has always been important to us and now, it is more important than ever. We see where we can be better and do better. 

Like a lot of small, arts-based businesses, Elaine B Jewelry is asked for donations quite frequently. While we’d like to support everyone, it is not always possible. As a small business, our resources are limited, however, we recognize there are ways in which we can give back. EBJ is committed to financially supporting nonprofit organizations that work with and support BIPOC women and children through access and education. When you purchase from our Rise Collection every penny is donated toward each cause connected to the piece of jewelry. 

We began working with Operation Breakthrough a few years ago and connected with Mercy Education back in December to find ways to work together and create cohesive and ongoing support for these organizations. Our first step is to help with giving back financially, and when we can, work with these organizations on a deeper level. The sale of our Black Diamond Studs will go to Mothering Justice, a nonprofit in Detroit that focuses on advocacy and empowering mothers to be the change-makers. We acknowledge that this is only a first step and we're committed to doing the work and moving forward.