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Salt & Pepper Diamonds

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Salt and Pepper diamonds are full of inclusions: black, white and gray speckles that swirl inside the stone’s structure making each one truly unique. As a bonus, they are more ethical and holistically mined - a planet-conscious way to get a truly one of a kind ring. 

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Montana Sapphires

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The changing colors of this Montana sapphire change from green to teal to blue depending on the light source. Sustainably mined by our friends in Montana, these stones can appear soft and pastel indoors but once out in the sunlight they can illuminate with deeper colors that weren't there before.

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Lab Diamonds

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The Lab created diamonds we use are sustainably grown aboveground in the Pacific North West, powered by the Columbia River. The facility is 100% hydro powered, meaning that it produces zero carbon emissions. These are man-made diamond that are chemically, physically, and optically equivalent to those grown beneath the Earth’s surface.

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Other Gemstones

We work with many other gemstones and always have a rotating collection of One of a Kind rings in circulation. From black diamonds to morganite and sunstones, we're always creating with new materials that will last a lifetime.

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