The design and construction of all Elaine B Jewelry products is done by hand in my small studio in downtown Charlottesville. We focus exclusively on handmade objects - they tell a story, they have a life span. I love the tactile quality, the performance, the way they evoke emotions and memory. I design for women of all ages, people who like everyday, low-maintenance jewelry that you can sleep in and wear day after day. Dynamic and thoughtful jewelry bridges the gap between the sophisticated and the everyday--ideal for a modern woman with an artistic eye.



How does it move? How does it feel when you wear it?  

I create tiny sculptural worlds using traditional jewelry materials, to make objects that are light and wearable but have a weighty presence. One of the many things I love about making functional work is the trial and error of comfort and designIt begins with an idea and ends with a well-designed piece, with a lot of experimentation in between. Figuring out how to construct each piece, working out the kinks and perfecting the design is all part of the process. My favorite objects are airy, simple and thoughtful.




Every piece of jewelry is the product of many smaller pieces coming together. 

In many cases our jewelry begin with metal wire, which is shaped by hand into hoops, hexagons, teardrops and three dimensional objects. Someone new to the studio usually starts getting a feel for the metal by making hoops, over and over. We hand make most everything you see in our jewelry: jump rings, earring hooks, tiny heart details and handmade clasps. Every element takes a combination of shaping, hammering and soldering. Take a look at our Instagram for videos! 



Once every hoop is in its place and every jump ring is soldered, we take a few final steps to ensure the jewelry is durable and well polished. First, we hammer all the little details. Hammering not only adds beautiful texture, it also magically hardens the metal to prevent bending and breaking. If there are any sharp edges, or unwanted imperfections, we spend time sanding them away before the polishing process. When the piece looks close to done, it goes into a polishing machine where it tosses and turns in little beads, which even the color of the metal and give it a clean, sparkly shine. Finally, we give it a final quality check before packing it up and sending it your way!

As always, if there are any issues with the quality of your pieces, please let us know and we will organize to fix it for you!