Small Airplant

$ 6.00

When I first met these magical creatures I was already a little plant obsessed. I had been cultivating a succulent garden in my kitchen window, and dreaming of a yard of my own. I was at a local plant and garden store in Charlottesville when I saw my first Tillandsia. What, no dirt?!  Spectacular. And they continue to amazing me, from their beautiful blooms to their amazing resilience, ability to ship and happiness seemingly anywhere with a little warmth and a little water.

These spectacular bromeliads are in the same family as orchids.

- Small plants are approximately 3-inches -

To keep them happy, soak them for an hour or so at least once a week. Possibly with a spritz of water in between and a little fertilizer here and there. 

Exact plant may vary and can only ship within the US. 

Wear your jewelry often.  When you're not wearing it, carefully hang necklaces or store jewelry in a hard box to avoid bending and tangling.  

You can clean most jewelry with soap and water with a toothbrush, or a jewelry ultra sonic. 

To prevent tarnish, use a polishing cloth or a liquid dip (read instructions first if cleaning stones and never dip pearls).

Or you can always send your piece back to be cleaned, repaired or refurbished.  

We source first from local and then from American companies. We take pride in knowing where our metal and stones come from, maintaining relationships with miners, stone cutters and companies that run transparent supply chains as much as possible.  

14k Gold - Recycled metal. 

18k Vermeil - A thick coat of 18k Gold plated over Sterling Silver.

14k Goldfill - 14k gold fused onto brass. 

Sterling Silver - Recycled metal.

Oxidized Silver - A patina is applied over sterling silver to give it a dark or antique look.  


*Due to COVID-19 shipping times may vary*

Silver, Oxidized Silver and 18k Vermeil styles ship in 2-3 days. 

Fine Jewelry may be made to order can take up to 3 weeks to ship. Please send an email to for an exact ship date. 

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