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Moonstone-June's Birthstone

Moonstone-June's Birthstone
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Moonstone-June's Birthstone

The month of June is named after the roman goddess Juno who was associated both with the moon and revered as a protector of women and marriage. No wonder this month is so popular for weddings and fitting that moonstone is this month's birthstone. The luster and glow of moonstone is a beautiful contrast to the warm gold and oxidized sterling creations of this month's gemstone collection. 

Our monthly Elements Collection is all about contrast with oxidized silver and 14k yellow gold, highlighted with each of the glittering stones discussed here.

June moonstone collection


A feldspar with a unique shimmer and luminescent glow, moonstone can be found all over the world in hues ranging from peach to green and has been worn and valued for centuries. The most impressive examples of the stone can be found in Sri Lanka and Southern India but there are varying qualities of moonstone available on the market today.

The usual 'moon glow' brilliance is a phenomenon called adularescense, derived from the technical name for the stone -adularia. It is this milky blue aura emanating from the stone that has captivated people and invited the belief that the stone is deeply connected to the moon itself.

Elements Ring with MoonstoneElements Ring
Elements Threaders MoonstoneElements Threaders



While moonstone has been common in many cultures throughout history, it is believed that the Ancient Romans were the first to discover it. Due to its translucent appearance and white or pale blue sheen, they thought it resembled the moon in the night sky. This led to the belief that the solidification of moonbeams created this rare stone.

The belief that moonstone offers protection to the wearer while traveling comes from the link with the moon as a traveler in the sky, always returning month after month. The soothing and enchanting blue white color of the stone has a tranquilizing effect and as such it has been believed to balance the emotions and heal wounds between lovers.  The shifting flashes of color that play on the surface of this stone are enchanting and a reminder to find delight in everyday beauty.


Moonstone isn’t the most fragile stone but it does need a little care because it is somewhat porous and softer than the precious stones.  In order to keep your moonstones in good condition remember to take off your moonstone jewelry when cleaning or doing housework. Most cleaning chemicals are harsh on moonstone and may cause it to scratch, chip, or even break.  

When you aren’t wearing the jewelry, it's best to store it in its own box or compartment, away from other items. Moonstone can scratch easily, so we also recommend a felt lining for the container you use. If you must store your jewelry in the same compartment as other pieces, even other moonstone jewelry, it’s a good idea to wrap the pieces in cloth to keep them from rubbing against each other. When cleaning moonstone, avoid ultrasonic cleaners or exposure to high heat.

Visit us at our new Cincinnati location and this amazing collection in person! We are excited to help you find your next favorite piece of jewelry.

-xo team EBJ