It begins with an idea and ends with a well-designed piece, with a lot of experimentation in between.

How does it move?

How does it feel when you wear it?

Figuring out how to construct each piece, working out the kinks and perfecting the design is all part of the process.

My favorite objects are airy, simple and thoughtful. I find this especially important when it comes to things that I wear. I create tiny sculptural worlds using traditional jewelry materials, incorporating geometric elements to make objects that are light and wearable but have a weighty presence.

Today I have a small studio in downtown Charlottesville and sell at many independent boutiques around the country. Many of my materials are milled from recycled metals, and all of the design and construction is done by hand in my own studio. I love to travel, and I find creative inspiration everywhere I go.

Find our more about me and my work in the video below, created by Thread at Dock5


My Team

  • Lauren Samay, is my right hand woman, she constructs much of the jewelry and helps with daily operations.  
  • Matt Jackson, is my partner in fancy, he sets the diamonds and fabricates the really challenging pieces.  
  • Kat Diplas and Abby Skolits, help with the website and graphic design when they're not working on other totally badass projects.


Please feel free to download my press kit here and contact me with any questions!