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Forever Bracelets

Forever Bracelets

Forever linked are light and airy bracelets and anklets without the burden of a clasp. They will stay on until you decide to cut them off! The perfect low maintenance accessory for the person who wants to accessorize without having to think about it.

p.s. you'll sleep in it every night! ;)

This is an in-store experience!  You'll work with our jewelers who will help you choose your chain and charms. The bracelet attached with our precision arch welder. The welder gives an electric pulse that fuses the metal together on a special ring link to connect your bracelet.  It's super quick and completely painless.

Don't worry, you can easy cut off your bracelet whenever you're ready to part with it. Or if it comes loose we are happy to reattach it for you. You can also choose to add a clasp if you're afraid of commitment. 

This is a great experience to do with your best friend, your partner, your mother, or as a bridesmaid or birthday party!

We have a rotating selection of chains and charms to choose from:

$40+ for sterling silver

$45+ for gold fill

$98+ for 14k gold

*Walk ins only for 1-3 people

*Please call ahead for parties of 4 or more. We also offer private events and parties or recommendations for celebrating in Ferndale after your Forever Linked experience. 

*We may charge a $10 fee for reattaching your chain. 


Forever Bracelet