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Why I Chose An Alternative Wedding Registry

Why I Chose An Alternative Wedding Registry

Weddings have really been on my mind lately. Maybe it's because mine is coming up in just two shorts weeks, or because the entirety of my summer has been dictated by the many marriages of my close friends, which means traveling across the country multiple weekends in a row in order to be a part of the celebration. Either way, with weddings in mind always, I've found recent inspiration from a sustainable & socially conscious wedding publication called Catalyst and felt it was important to share. 

 Whether you're already married, or don't care to ever join that club, it's refreshing to see how they're challenging what used to be considered "tradition" in the wedding industry.  

A recent article by Rebecca Perre-Kane in the column More or Less, outlines guidelines for creating a sustainable wedding registry.  In that, she highlights a couple things to ask yourself when the time comes to picking out gifts for you and your partner.

 Will you use it regularly and for a long time? Where are your items being sourced? Are they handmade or being mass-produced overseas? Is there a non-object gift that might be more appropriate? Or what about collecting donations for charities you support?

Here are some of the amazing AND eco-conscious gifts I asked for on my Zola wedding registry:

Reusable, unbleached paper towels from The Clementine Bee


Handmade plates by Rebekah Wostrel (trying to phase out the Ikea plate collection I've accumulated)


 Hand-forged steel roaster and bronze/stainless steel spreading knives by Blanc Creatives


Love this gift! Customized, hardcover book of the pictures taken at the wedding. Check out all of the neat projects they do at Artifact Uprising.

Brad and I have been living together for a while now, and although we just moved to a city and into a new home less than a year ago, we feel just fine with the amount of "stuff" we have. Aside from the few staples like a vacuum and a Vitamix, our registry is consists of handmade goods, digital downloadable travel guides, a wine-tasting date, and donations to several organizations we support like the Michigan Humane Society and the Arts and Scraps program for kids in Detroit. it's 2017, and less is more when it comes to conscious consumerism, even at the one time in your life when every single person you know wants to give you something. Another big shout out to Catalyst for the inspiring advice!