Alternative Wedding Bands

- Complete the symbol of your love with a wedding band to pair perfectly with your engagement ring. -

Congratulations! You're engaged, and it’s time to find the perfect band (or bands) to create the wedding ring stack of your dreams. At Elaine B Jewelry, we love making alternative wedding rings as special as your relationship. The first thing to consider when looking at wedding rings is the style of your engagement ring. Is the setting tall or low? Is it a cluster or solitaire? Different bands will work differently with these styles. If your engagement setting is tall, you can use either straight bands or contour rings. We love the Orbit ring, Whisper bands, or the Squiggle ring to compliment a tall setting. If your ring has a low setting, you’ll want to go with one of our contour rings. Try the X ring, the Squiggle ring, the Stardust ring or the Tesselation ring. Then you want to think about the sparkle. Do you want your ring stack clean and minimal to keep your engagement ring the main event? Or maybe you love extra sparkle and shine with diamonds in every band. We focus on ethically-sourced gems like Montana Sapphires, Recycled Diamonds, Lab Diamonds and Salt and Pepper diamonds, which are less-used parts of the gem and show a side of them that few ever see. We love knowing you can live in the jewelry we make, because it’s timeless, versatile, and stands up to daily wear. Of course these rings are not just wedding rings, wear them to celebrate anniversaries, promotions, and other milestones. You deserve it! If you're in the Detroit or Cincinnati area, we’d love for you to come try on some rings in person. Or, we're always happy to schedule virtual consultations.