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From dream to design, our production team can’t wait to create a custom EBJ piece that’s beautifully unique and completely yours. Need some inspiration? Whether starting from scratch or reworking an heirloom, our previous projects are sure to get your creativity flowing.

Bespoke Designs

Amy & Alex

march 2022

"This custom piece is made from several different pieces of heirloom jewelry - my paternal grandmother's engagement ring and both a ring and pair of earrings gifted to me by my parents years ago. I wanted those heirlooms to be something I could wear everyday and that vision definitely became a reality! I love wearing these rings individually and stacked. I love looking down at my hand and thinking not only of my wonderful partner, but also all the people who have supported and loved me along the way. "

Johnathan & Kara

June 2022

"I have always wanted an alternative stone for my engagement ring and I found Elaine B while looking for jewelry made in the Detroit area. I loved that Elaine B was a team of local, women artists, and that they heavily featured non-diamond engagement rings- I made sure to mention that to Jonathan and my sister. I love surprises, and Jonathan and my sister secretly worked for weeks with Elaine B to surprise me with the perfect ring. My favorite element of the ring is that in different lighting the dark green sapphire can range from light blue to a deep green in color. It is one-of-a-kind and I am honored that so much thought and love was put into designing and creating a custom piece for me."

Alex & Amber

december 2021

"I came looking to make something unique using family diamonds. I was nervous entering the store and didn’t really explain my idea very clearly so the team at Elaine’s wasn’t 100% sure it was possible. However, they were very supportive and kind and promised to send it to Elaine. A week later they got back to me and were in! From there, I can not express how helpful with idea generation and options. The ring came out better than I could have imagined. It is perfect in every way and most importantly SHE loves it. "

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