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Tricks are better than treats - jewelry as sweet as halloween candy

As the leaves turn shades and pumpkins get their glowing grins, it can only mean one thing: Halloween is here! It's a time for dressing up with friends, stocking up on candy, and enjoying all sorts of treats! What better way to enjoy all things Halloween than with a little sparkle? Let's declare, "Treats are Better than Tricks," and explore some delicious handmade jewelry from EBJ that's as sweet as your favorite candy.

xo Elaine

1. Citrine Birthstone Jewelry

Candy corn, one of Halloween’s most-known candies – with a bright shade of orange that mimics citrine, one of our favorite stones. Treat yourself to the warm, sunny shades of fall with our citrine jewelry. We love customizing our Journey Collection with this stunning stone. These gems are like autumn sunshine, and they'll have you embracing all the sweetness with none of the sugar crash. See all of our birthstone jewelry here.

Above: The Journey Collection by Elaine B Jewelry - customizable birthstone jewelry.

2. Forever Linked Charms

Our Forever Linked charms are like trick-or-treating at the house that gave out all the full size candy bars! Talk about the jackpot!! With charms in all different designs and styles, there’s truly something for every personality. Sweeten up your chain by adding charms that speak to your style. Just like those iconic tri-colored candies, these charms are designed to bring a touch of whimsy and fun to your Forever Linked jewelry. Read more about our permanent jewelry experience here

Above: Forever Linked by Elaine B Jewelry - customizable permanent jewelry.

3. The Ellipse Collection

The Ellipse Collection captures the essence of those candy chain necklaces we all were obsessed with as kids! Remember how’d you’d just throw them on and go anywhere feeling extra stylish and sweet? Our Ellipse Collection is the perfect grown up version of the iconic candy jewelry. Handcrafted with careful attention to detail, the Ellipse Collection boasts an eye-catching linked design that is both a statement and lightweight. Throw these pieces on and go anywhere!

Above: The Ellipse Collection by Elaine B Jewelry.

4. The El Dorado Collection

Gummy bears, the whimsical candies that never take themselves too seriously. Just like our El Dorado Collection - it's a playful combination of colors, a delightful mix that reflects the spirit of these chewy, sugary delights. These beautiful tourmaline stones are unique and each piece is one-of-a-kind. You’ll be looking as sweet as candy!

Above: The El Dorado Collection by Elaine B Jewelry.

5. The Looking Glass Ring

There's nothing quite like biting into a decadent chocolate truffle. And if you're a fan of the deeper, more mysterious side of Halloween, our Looking Glass Ring might be for you! Simple, symmetrical, and elegant with a deep, dark salt & pepper diamond sparkling from within - this ring mimics the mystery of a sparkling Halloween night sky. Rich in detail, like your favorite chocolate truffle, the stone is surrounded by a thin frame of gold and white diamonds on either side. 

Above: The Looking Glass Ring with 1.64 ct Salt & Pepper Diamond by Elaine B Jewelry.

Happy Halloween from EBJ!!

Treat yourself or someone special to a piece of handmade jewelry, and have a spooktacular Halloween! Remember, treats are always better than tricks, especially when they come in the form of glistening jewelry. 

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