The Design Process

Design Minimum
Involved custom designs have a $2000 minimum for rings. (Necklaces and earrings may fall below this minimum and are subject to production approval.)

Deposit $200
This non-refundable deposit is for all custom fine jewelry projects and is required for projects to move forward in the design process. This investment provides research, designing and pricing out different options for you and will go toward your final purchase.

CAD Fee starts at $300
This fee covers a 3D rendering of your project and a few design revisions. More in depth design work will require additional fees.

50% Deposit
Half of your total balance is required to start the project. Your jewelry will be complete 6-8 weeks after this deposit is paid.

Sourcing Gemstones
If we are sourcing a stone, we won't purchase it until there is a 50% deposit paid. Each stone is unique. We cannot guarantee a stone until we have purchased it, or it’s already in our possession.

Base & Stone Price
Base price includes some design work, metal, labor and stone setting. Stone price is equal to the standard retail price for the stones that we source for you.

Gold Trade-In
You may be able to trade in heirloom gold for credit towards your custom project. We give you 85% of the value of your gold (as set by current market values). You can pay for up to 40% of your project with this credit.

Heirloom Stone Fee
The fee for using heirloom stones depends on the quality and size of the stone. Additional removal fees may also be applied.

Rush Fee
If you need your jewelry sooner than 8 weeks there is a 20% rush fee. *subject to availability.

Follow up
Involved custom designs will receive a document with a photograph and details about you jewelry that can be used for documentation and insurance purposes. You will also receive professional photographs of your finished jewelry and an invitation to our insider community!

Custom designs are not returnable or refundable. Design proposals and quotes are valid for only 2 months.


Download a copy of our design process