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Forever linked : A Back-to-school jewelry must have!

As summer break comes to an end and the back-to-school season kicks in, we've got just the thing to take your friendship to the next level. Imagine getting permanent jewelry with your besties – a tangible symbol of your unbreakable bond that will stay with you forever! No matter how far away you may go for school, you’ll always be connected! Come see us for a Forever Linked experience before you go your separate ways.

xo Elaine

Above: Forever Linked permanent jewelry by Elaine B Jewelry.

What is Forever Linked?

Forever Linked is more than just jewelry - it's an unforgettable experience that celebrates connection, friendship, and special bonds. Permanent jewelry is light and airy jewelry without the burden of a clasp. Your Forever Linked jewelry will stay on until you decide to cut it off! This is the perfect low-maintenance jewelry for the person who wants to accessorize without having to think about it. Perfect for busy back-to-school schedules! 

You'll work with our jewelers directly to make your permanent jewelry. With over 20 chain styles and 50 charm options you’ll create personalized, low maintenance jewelry that can be welded on “forever” or connected with a clasp if needed.

Above: Elaine creating a Forever Linked jewelry experience at our Cincinnati Location!

Design Your Forever

When it comes to Forever Linked, the sky's the limit! Each of you can design your very own way to get “linked,” selecting your favorite chain and charms to reflect your personality and style. You can choose a meaningful birthstone, an initial charm, a heart… and even new pendant charms coming just in time for back-to-school!! More to be announced soon!! Make sure you’re following us on instagram to stay up-to-date. 

Above: Cincinnati & Detroit permanent jewelry experience, Forever Linked by Elaine B Jewelry.

Spend the day in the neighborhood!

Getting Forever Linked is not just about the jewelry; it's about the adventure and memories you create together. Imagine spending an afternoon at Elaine B Jewelry, checking out the handmade jewelry, then exploring all the shops and food options in the neighborhood! Located in both Cincinnati and Detroit, there’s no doubt that you can have a wonderful day full of shopping and fun when you get Forever Linked!

Above: We love when you and your loved ones get Linked together!

A Friendship to Treasure Forever!

Back-to-school season can sometimes bring mixed emotions, but Forever Linked is a beautiful way to hold onto the summer fun. The jewelry you create will serve as a reminder of the incredible moments you've shared and the adventures that lie ahead!  Every time you look at your Forever Linked jewelry, the happy memories will come rushing right back!! Whether you've been friends since kindergarten or recently connected in high school or college, this experience is for everyone. It's a wonderful way to celebrate milestones, graduations, or just the joy of being together. You can also get linked with your family - we know leaving behind loved ones isn’t always easy!!

We hope to see you soon!! 

Ready to get Forever Linked? Gather your besties and head over to Elaine B Jewelry! This is an in-store experience only so be sure to check out our hours. You can read more about the experience here. We can’t wait to see you at our Cincinnati and Detroit locations!!

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