Classic EBJ Engagement Rings

- A symbol of the energy and life you share -

Your love is one of a kind. Your engagement ring should reflect your experience and passion. It is a symbol of the energy and life you share. At Elaine B Jewelry our team of designers and jewelers create one of a kind and collection engagement rings that are designed and made in our metro Detroit Michigan. Our unique and alternative rings feature traditional diamonds in stunningly unconventional ways. Experience geometric cuts, pear shapes and hidden halos, reimagining diamonds as familiar symbols of love in ways you’ve never seen before. We also offer engagement rings with a focus on sustainability and ethical sourcing. Like Montana Sapphires mined by a husband and wife team on the Eldorado Bar, or Salt and Pepper Diamonds that use the most unique and interesting parts of the stone. Rose cuts are a great alternative to traditional cuts because they can use stones that are uniquely shaped and may not be suited for traditional stone cuts.