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Girls Rock Detroit

Today, we are so excited to announce a new Rise Collection beneficiary joining the Elaine B Jewelry family! Please join us in welcoming Girls Rock Detroit as the new recipient of 100% of the net proceeds from our Rise Heart Necklace. We wanted to take a moment to highlight their amazing mission so you can see just why Girls Rock Detroit really “rocks.” Did you know we’ve raised over $20,000 since 2020 through our Rise collection for local nonprofit organizations? With every necklace purchase, we are able to give back to the communities we love. 

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Above: The Rise Heart Necklace by Elaine B Jewelry. 

All About Girls Rock Detroit

"Girls Rock Detroit is dedicated to fostering creative expression, positive self-esteem, and community awareness in girls, transgender, and gender non-conforming youth through music education and performance."

We are so inspired by this mission statement and couldn’t agree more about the benefits of music (and the arts) on young people! Girls Rock Detroit is committed to providing a safe and supportive space for young people to explore their creativity and develop their musical skills. By doing so, they hope to help participants build confidence, develop a sense of community, and discover their own unique voices. 

Above: Image courtesy of Girls Rock Detroit, a young musician in action!

One of the ways that Girls Rock Detroit achieves this mission is through their summer camp program. Each year, they host a week-long camp where girls and gender non-conforming youth can learn to play instruments, write songs, and form bands.

Throughout the week, campers receive instruction and guidance from experienced musicians and educators, as well as opportunities to perform and collaborate with their peers. In addition to their summer camp, Girls Rock Detroit also offers year-round programming aimed at promoting music education and performance. They host workshops, concerts, and other events throughout the year, all with the goal of empowering young people through music. 

But Girls Rock Detroit is about more than just music. Their mission statement emphasizes the importance of fostering positive self-esteem and community awareness in their participants. We love all the self love!! By creating a supportive and inclusive environment, they hope to help young people develop a strong sense of self and a deep connection to their communities.

Above: Young musicians posing for the camera! Image courtesy of Girls Rock Detroit. 

Chatting with Girls Rock Detroit! 

We asked the team at Girls Rock Detroit to answer a few questions for our blog to help us get to know them better! Here’s what they had to say:

Do you have a favorite memory with Girls Rock Detroit? If so, could you share? : "My favorite memory with Girls Rock Detroit is when I first participated in Rock Roulette - a fundraiser to raise funds for GRD programming where adults with or without musical experience were placed into bands and had to perform 2 cover songs and an original song written by the band. This experience motivated me to continue learning how to play various instruments and also gave me the confidence to join a band."

What’s one piece of advice you would give to young people starting to explore music? : "One piece of advice I would give young people starting to explore music is to never compare yourself to others. Everyone is unique and creative in their own way. Just because someone has been exploring music longer or is at a different skill level than someone else, does not mean that you are any less capable of becoming a great musician. Practice! Practice! Practice! and never give up!"

What makes you excited about working with Elaine B Jewelry as a new Rise beneficiary? : "We are excited about working with Elaine B Jewelry as a Rise beneficiary because we share many of the same ethos! We also believe spaces should be inspiring and communities should be supportive. We are looking forward to promoting Elaine B Jewelry to our community."

In addition to supporting Girls Rock Detroit through the Rise Necklace, how else can people support? What can they do that will make an impact starting today? : "We are always looking for collaborations with those who believe in our mission and adhere to the Points of Unity set forth by the Girls Rock Camp Alliance. In addition to partnerships/collaborations, we welcome volunteers to join us at our monthly online Collective meetings where we share and gather ideas from those who support our mission and who want to give back to the communities we serve."

What inspired you to start Girls Rock Detroit and how has it impacted you? : "Girls Rock Detroit has had a huge impact on my life! If it weren't for GRD, I would have never started to play instruments again, teach lessons, or perform in various bands and drum ensembles. GRD has given me the confidence needed to achieve my dreams in a warm, judgement free, welcoming environment."

Above: Image courtesy of Girls Rock Detroit. Check out these little rockstars!! 

Elaine B Jewelry x Girls Rock Detroit

We fully believe that Girls Rock Detroit is doing irreplaceable and important work in the community. We hope you’ll join us in supporting their mission by purchasing a Rise Heart necklace or by donating on their website today! If you're looking for a way to get involved in music education or support a great cause, Girls Rock Detroit is definitely worth checking out.

Above: The Rise Heart Necklace by Elaine B Jewelry. 

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