EBJ's Mother's Day Favorites :

The Journey Collection

Mother’s Day is all about showing those you love ALL the love! Whether you’re having a cookout with your family or spending the day with friends that have become family, Mother’s Day is for celebrating those you care about most. To help you find the perfect gift for all the mother figures in your life, we’ve asked our very own mamas here at Elaine B Jewelry what pieces they love best! Get ready for some major inspo as we highlight our customizable Journey Collection.

xo Elaine


Above: Customizable handmade jewelry from the Journey Collection by Elaine B Jewelry.

Why the Journey Collection?

The Journey Collection is made for connection and relationships. It’s no surprise that it makes for a great Mother’s Day gift! It represents your story using modern birthstones, settings, and designs in a combination that is the most meaningful to you.


Above: Customizable Azalea Necklace by Elaine B Jewelry.

Let's Ask the Moms of EBJ

For new mom, Natasha, she chose the Resting Ring. Her favorite is with an emerald! Fitting in perfectly with our Era, Sienna, and Meissa rings, the Resting Ring can be worn alone or stacked together to represent all of life’s major milestones. 

JourneyResting Ring

Above: Bench jeweler and new mom, Natasha with the customizable Resting Ring by Elaine B Jewelry.

Speaking of stacking, EBJ mom Kelly said she loves to stack her Journey rings together to represent all the relationships in her life. She said the next on her list is the Sienna ring! Check out our Ring Stacking Guide for more inspo.


Above: EBJ mom and sales associate Kelly with the customizable rings of the Journey Collection by Elaine B Jewelry.

EBJ mom, Caitlin, chose the Azalea necklace. She loves that it can “represent the whole family as it grows and changes over the years.” Being fully customizable with birthstones and letter charms, it’s definitely true!


Above: Bench jeweler and mom, Caitlin, with the customizable Azalea Necklace by Elaine B Jewelry.

For Katie, mom of three, the frontrunner is the Gemini ring. She said this ring stands out to her “with its 3 stone design, all 3 unique shapes, just like my girls!” We couldn’t agree more. This is a great way to hold your family close, right on your finger!


Above: Our Project Manager,  Katie with the  customizable Gemini ring by Elaine B Jewelry. 

And finally, Elaine, our founder! She chose the Sienna ring because “it’s so sweet and tiny and it’s named after my daughter.”


Above: Our founder and lead designer, Elaine  with the  customizable Sienna ring by Elaine B Jewelry. 

Making your special piece by hand!

Got your eye on one of those pieces our EBJ moms mentioned? Let us start making it for you today! The Journey Collection takes 2-4 weeks for our jewelers to make by hand. Be sure to get your customized jewelry in time for Mother’s Day! 


Above: The Reflection Bracelet and Era Rings from the Journey Collection by Elaine B Jewelry.

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