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EBJ's Wedding Planning Guide

10 Things to do with your engagement ring

Engagement Rings

1. Admire it!!! Freak out!! Happy dance!!!

Omg! You’re engaged!! Such an exciting start to a new chapter of life with your partner. Enjoy all the butterflies and happy feelings. You deserve all the love in the world! 

2. Show it off to everyone you know. 

It’s time to do the “just engaged hand wave” where everyone you know is suddenly asking to “see the ring.” Take it all in!! It’s fun to show off sometimes, especially when it involves new bling. We hope you know that every gathering from now until the big day will consist of questions about the wedding.

3. Buy the perfect ring box. 

It’s simple. Everyone needs the perfect ring box. Every ring from EBJ comes with a white matte velvet box. Of course you can find one to fit your personality, our favorite options are often handmade by small businesses. Not only will this box house your ring, you can also use it for detail shots in your engagement and wedding photos! Which brings us to our next point…

Engagement Rings

4. Connect with a photographer. 

Sure we all have a camera, but we’re not all photographers. Let’s document that ring beautifully! Find a photographer who speaks to your aesthetic. Whether you do something out-of-the-box or timeless and classic, there’s a photographer waiting to make your dreams come true. We recommend meeting with your photographer before your big day to talk about your vision. 

5. Plan your engagement photos. 

Before the wedding, you’ll need some engagement photos! Be sure to schedule these with a photographer as well. Remember to gather some inspo for your detail shots so you can capture that beautiful new ring!

Engagement Rings

^ Our Cincinnati Sales Associate, Eliana, and her fiancé, Ethan, during their engagement session by local photographer, Gabriella Poirier. 

6. Clean it!

Invest in a good jewelry cleaner. Keep your ring sparkly and fresh! Or, stop in to a local jeweler and have your ring cleaned. We’re always happy to help at EBJ. We also sell our own cleaner for just $10 in store.

Engagement Rings

7. Insure it!

Protect your ring. Nobody ever plans to have their ring stolen, broken, or even just misplaced! But, it happens. By getting insurance, you make sure your ring is covered in case disaster strikes. There’s many types of insurance plans - be sure to investigate and pick one that’s right for you. 

8. Get a "vacation" ring. 

You’ve just received a pretty valuable piece of jewelry - don’t let it get damaged by putting it in high risk environments. We highly recommend getting a “vacation ring.” Even if you’re not actually going to the beach, it’s always a good idea to have a ring that can do the heavy lifting in rough environments while your real bling stays behind. We love referring brides to our Gemma collection, it’s a great alternative to those silicone bands! With styles mimicking traditional gem cuts, this is a super stylish (and durable) option to represent your marriage. 


9. Find the perfect wedding band for you & your partner.

Ahh yes, it’s time to build your stack. We love this part of wedding planning! Go shopping with your partner and find the perfect wedding band to highlight that engagement ring. Some couples enjoy matching their bands, while others let their individuality shine. No matter if you want classic simple bands or something eye-catching and covered in stones, there’s options out there for everyone. Shop EBJ’s wedding band selection here.

Wedding Bands

10. Enjoy your wedding!!! 

Let’s see- you’ve got your ring box, your photographer, insurance, your wedding bands, and tons of inspiration! By the time the big day rolls around, you’ll be ready to celebrate your love all night. Take it all in! Remember to bring your stationary (wedding invites, etc) to give to your photographer to set the scene for those detail shots of the rings. ;) 


We hope to see you in Elaine B Jewelry! xoxo, EBJ

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