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The El Dorado Collection

The El Dorado Collection

- NEW Elaine B Jewelry -

The El Dorado Collection

The dream of gold, riches, and adventure has led explorers far and wide throughout the course of history. This summer, we’re introducing a collection inspired by the “Lost City of Gold.” The idea of this hidden city led many on fruitless treks into the rainforests and mountains of South America in search of gemstones, gold, and mysterious riches. A place called El Dorado.

Inspired by the legendary city of riches, the El Dorado Collection, captivates the imagination for what could have lied in the “Lost City of Gold.” Where the streets were paved with gold and the buildings adorned with precious gems and jewels, this 14k gold and one-of-a-kind tourmaline collection is perfect for those longing for a summer adventure. Made of hand forged 14k yellow gold and rosecut watermelon tourmaline, this collection is ready to elevate your summer style.

xo Elaine

Above: Introducing Elaine B Jewelry's NEW El Dorado Collection. 

Themes of mysterious treasure, rich colors, and the captivating yet earthy glow of gemstones come together to create the El Dorado Collection. Imagine sparkling in these pieces by the pool, on your next desert road trip, or even out on a warm summer night on the town. The luxurious nature of the gold and multi color tourmaline will be sure to remind you of a shimmering city of gold.

Above: Pieces from the El Dorado Collection modeled by Marisa.

The El Dorado collection features pieces that are designed to capture the essence of this hidden city of gold, with vibrant colors, intricate details, and use of handcrafted quality materials.

Above: Marisa holds the precious gems and jewels of the El Dorado Collection.

Highlights from the Collection

One of the standout pieces in this collection is the Eternal Necklace. This necklace captures the grandeur of El Dorado's architecture. Adorned with alternating stone settings and one-of-a-kind rosecut tourmaline, this necklace represents the opulence and magnificence of the city of gold.

Above: Our model, Marisa, stuns in the El Dorado Eternal Necklace with 5.90ctw Tourmaline. 

Another favorite in the collection is the Mirage Earrings. Organic, hand forged shapes capture the essence of a mirage in the desert. Featuring golden nuggets and asymmetric teal tourmaline encased in an intricate golden framework to create an ethereal and enchanting design that will leave others in awe.

Above: The El Dorado Mirage Earrings with 1.26ctw Tourmaline. 

The Oasis Ring is another beautiful member of this collection. This ring exudes an air of discovered treasure, featuring a rosecut teal tourmaline adorned with hand forged golden nuggets reflecting the wealth and the enigmatic nature of El Dorado.

Above: The El Dorado Oasis Ring with 0.88ct Tourmaline.

The Sunset Earrings are perfect for a summer date night. Featuring pink tourmaline and a hand forged golden oval with a whimsical chain centered in the middle, these earrings represent the journey towards hidden adventure. Swaying back and forth with every step, the chain swings as time passes on your journey to prosperity.

Above: The El Dorado Sunset Earrings with 1.44ctw Tourmaline. 

Whether you're searching for your own El Dorado or simply want to add a touch of magic to your life, this collection has something for everyone. The El Dorado Collection captures the themes of treasure, color, gold, light, love, friendship, and destiny, and is the perfect way to add a touch of luxury to your summer wardrobe.

Shop the full El Dorado Collection here.

Above: Marisa wears pieces from the El Dorado Collection by Elaine B Jewelry.

Extended History of El Dorado

Due to recent archaeological discoveries, experts believe that the El Dorado myth evolved over time - starting originally as a man, and not a place. He was referred to as the “golden one” by the ancient Muisca people living deep in the Andes Mountains.

The Muisca civilization sat in what is now Colombia. The Muisca people had a special tradition when a new king rose to power where they would coat him in gold dust before diving into Lake Guatavita. As a part of the ceremony, gold and other precious gemstones would be thrown into the lake. This offering of riches was said to please an underwater god.

Spanish explorers who arrived in the early 16th century heard about the Muisca people and their ceremonial traditions. They even gave the king a name: El Dorado, or “the gilded one.” In 1545, after locating Lake Guatavita, they tried to drain it to uncover the riches. Although they did find hundreds of pieces of gold, the expansive treasure they had hoped for was nowhere to be found. This led their search elsewhere.

Continuing their search far and wide to no avail, the legend began to evolve from a man to a place of great riches.

For the next century, people continued to search for El Dorado. The legend went on to inspire countless films, books, tv shows, artworks, and more!

It is important to note that Elaine B Jewelry recognizes the violent history of colonialism often associated with quests for gold and riches in cities like El Dorado. We stand with the indigenous communities that called these places home. We deeply admire the beauty of their cultures and the legends they inspired like the “Lost City of Gold.”

Above: The El Dorado Oasis Earrings with 2.28ctw Tourmaline by Elaine B Jewelry.

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