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Groom's Guide to Wedding BAnds

Let’s face it, weddings are a big deal. We know the pressure is often on to make sure that every part of the day goes perfect... But with so much on your plate with planning with your partner, you might not have given as much thought to your wedding bands as you’d originally hoped. That's why we're here! Today, we’ll help cover everything you need to know about choosing a wedding band: what style works best for you, what materials to look for, how to go about picking one out for yourself or your partner, and whether you should match each other's styles. We’re here for all the helpful advice!!  

xo Elaine

What's the first thing you should look for in a wedding band?

When you're looking for a wedding band, the first thing you should consider is your style. Are you more of a casual dresser? Or, do you dress up pretty frequently? Let’s see how your wedding band can complement your personal style.

Here’s some style examples curated by our very own, Eliana, who’s also planning her own wedding in 2023!:

Cool and Casual 

For the effortlessly cool, the Multifaceted Band is a great match. A hammered texture on the outside with a comfort fit inside for everyday wear. Hand carved from wax and filed for shine and definition - this band is sure to compliment your style. 

Left Image Credit: Pinterest, Right Image: Multifaceted Band by Elaine B Jewelry

Alternative and Unique 

Just like you, the Damascus Band is truly unique with a great story to tell. It is completely hand forged by Smith Shop, a husband & wife run metal shop based in Detroit. Smith Shop specializes in functional & ornamental metalwork. Damascus steel is a layering of different grades of steel that are hand forged together and manipulated to create one-of-a-kind patterns. Our Damascus Band has a swirled pattern that runs throughout the thickness of the metal. Due to the process of layering the metal to create this look, each ring's pattern will differ slightly. This band is perfect for those looking for something original and one of one!

Left Image Credit: June Bug Weddings, Right Image: Damascus Band by Elaine B Jewelry

Traditional and Classic

Sleek, flat, and classic, the Minimalist Flat Band is certain to never go out of style. If you're looking for something traditional and timeless to last a lifetime, we suggest going for a 14k gold band. 

Left Image Credit: Bridal Musings, Right Image: Minimalist Flat Band by Elaine B Jewelry

Timeless with a Twist

The Illustrator Band is perfect for those looking for a piece that feels modern yet timeless. As trends come and go, we know this band will always be in style. This architectural band ring is hand cut to create orbiting rings. Slightly domed with a comfort fit inside. Spice up that traditional wedding band with the Illustrator's unique markings.  

Left Image Credit: Etsy, Right Image: Illustrator Band by Elaine B Jewelry

Let's talk materials...

There are many different types of materials out there- gold, platinum, silver and titanium rings are just a few examples. This is often where knowing your budget will help make your decisions a bit easier. We recommend having an idea how much you want to spend to help filter your search! Although there’s many types of metal out there, we love 14k gold at Elaine B Jewelry. This is for multiple reasons, the main being its durability. Gold is also easy to resize as you move through different phases of life. I mean, we want it to last a lifetime, right?

So, how do you know if it's the right size?

If you don't know what size your ring finger is, stop by the shop for a complimentary sizing! You can also order easy ring sizers online. We even have a printable version here. Still nervous about getting it right? No worries, we also include one free resize with every ring! This helps if you’re ordering your ring online and don’t have a chance to visit us! You can check out our wedding band selection here.

Should you match your partner's ring style?

This is a decision you can make together. If you want to match, that's great! However, if your partner wants something different than you do or vice versa, then don't be afraid to go your own way. The important thing is that both of your rings are meaningful and feel like you - not necessarily whether they match perfectly or not!

Above: Damascus Band and Whisper Ring by Elaine B Jewelry

Happy wedding band shopping! 

We hope to see you at Elaine B Jewelry for all your wedding band needs! It’s always fun to shop locally - whether you visit us in Cincy or Metro Detroit! Try on rings, get some ice cream, and wander around a cute neighborhood.


We hope to make this experience one to remember for you and your partner. With all the factors in choosing a wedding band, from style to budget, we hope that this blog gives you some helpful information for all your ring shopping needs!

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